2011 First Fishing Folly

January 10th, 2011
2011 First Fishing Folly

John Sabol was amongst some very brave souls who ventured out on New Years day 2011.

The aim is to immediately start the new year right by catching and releasing the first carp of the year. The water temp must also be under 50 degrees to qualify and this year the Clich River in TN  was 47 degrees on average.  Needless to say the guys were not hauling but did end up with quite respectable results in the pouring rain.

Carp Caught:

18-6 caught on Fruity Peach boilies and a blow back rig.
12-10 caught on a 16mm Fruity Peach boilie with a Pineapple Ice Cream Pop up.
16-12 caught on a Fruity Peach Snowman Rig.
18-2  caught on a Fruity Peach Pop Up boilie.

All fish were also caught on Blow Back Rigs. K-1's Fruity Peach really is the winter wonder bait!

John also won the CAG Emperor award for the highest total weight for the day of 65 lb 14ozs.

John also caught more than 13 smallmouth buffalo who are ravenous feeders in this river even in the depths of winter.

The Nutritional Requirements of Carp during the seasons

January 7th, 2011
The Nutritional Requirements of Carp during the seasons

Carp have different nutritional requirements during the different seasons of the year.

During the colder months and winter, carp don?t need fats so much but do need carbohydrates. This is one reason a Bird food or Nut based baits are a good choice. A Fishmeal bait or High Protein bait can be much harder for the fish to digest in cold water so may not be the best choice unless the bait is nutritionally balanced. In this case a true 4 season?s mix will catch all year round, but there may be better alternatives at certain times so let?s look at those options too.

As the water warms up during the spring season, the fish start moving regularly and will be looking to replenish the body fats that they lost during winter. This is when Fishmeal baits or High Protein baits are really at their most effective. Fish also will seek out minerals they need so adding salt for example is also essential in my opinion.

After the rigorous spawning event, the carp have to regain the body weight and condition. Carbohydrates help to replace lost energy and fats help to build their body weight. By adding K-1 Food oils to your baits at this time of year (instant energy), you will attract more fish to your baited areas and definitely get more bites.

During the fall, carp are looking for the best food source they can find to help build up their body reserves for winter. This is another season when K-1?s Balanced Food source Ballistic Birdseed range really shines. This range of top quality baits quite simply means top quality results! The picture attached is the author, John Bramley with a 38 lb 9oz Carp caught on K-1 BAITS.


Happy New Year

January 2nd, 2011

Link: https://www.k-1baits.com/products/

It brings us great pleasure to announce the the product store is back online.

Everything has been revamped and it has a new look which is hopefully very easy to use.

We wish great happiness and success in 2011 !!

Winter Carping

December 20th, 2010
Winter Carping

It seems like forever since I was last on the bank but the carp fever was running too high to deny the urge any longer.

Snow melt was swelling the rivers, dropping the water temperature and increasing the flow so thought I might as well have a go seen as you can't catch them from the living room couch.

It was a bracing 22 degrees during the night with daytime highs nearly touching 40 when I arrived, so didn't expect too much but thought we could tempt one if they were there.

As is the case many times, it started with a catfish but at least we had heard an alarm which swells the expectation level.

Had to wait a long time for a carp bite which came the following morning after the frost had finally melted from the rods.

A lovely December twenty at 22 lb 5oz which fell for a K-1 BAITS Juicy Tutti Frutti Boilie.

The rest of the day was fairly quiet but I managed a colorful 17 lb 10oz common on a Fruity Peach Pop up just before packing up.

It felt like a block of ice for this picture but was worth every freezing second...

K-1 BAITS Website

December 13th, 2010
K-1 BAITS Website

Link: https://www.k-1baits.com

Hopefully by now you will have had chance to view the all new redesigned website at K-1 BAITS

We offer many new and enhanced features like this Blog and PhotoBlog, a downloadable eCatalog and of course our very popular Free to watch Videos online.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused during the transition and hope you like the final result.

Tight Lines!


December 8th, 2010

K-1 Baits Flavored Sweetcorn is specifically designed to catch carp. It is a whole grain super pip or nib that are plucked from the cob. Better than regular canned sweetcorn or other flavored sweetcorn for fishing as our unique processes ensure this bait has the toughest, most durable skin possible. It will stay on the hair or hook without coming off on the cast and will withstand the attention of nuisance species. It is also PVA friendly and is available in a whole range of flavors and colors too!!

The special ingredients seem to selectively pick out the larger fish as hundreds of amazing catch reports have proven over the last few years. The special processes we use to manufacture these baits ensure the color and flavor go right through the baits to guarantee a long and consistent leak rate in the water ensuring the baits are at the optimal performance at all times.

Catch Report

December 5th, 2010
Catch Report

John Sabol from TN had a wonderful session recently catching multiple fish including 2 Fully scaled mirror carp over 30 lbs.

The weather was horrendous but he battled on and pictured is the largest carp of the trip at 32 lb 12ozs caught on K-1 BAITS Fruity Peach Boilies. Well done John, tremendous result!

Welcome to K-1 BAITS Blog

December 5th, 2010

This is the first post in K-1 BAITS new Blog site.

Hopefully we will continue to bring you feature packed informative news and stories from the wonderful world of K-1 BAITS.

Tight Lines!